Sunday, July 1, 2007

Should there be 1 Golf Swing for Every Club???

I think the golf swing would not be the same
all the time because the back swing path needs to differ
on different lies and the need to shape shots depending
on the course, whether dog left or right.

eg, The Swing plane will tend to be flatter and the ball placed
in the center when the ball is above feet.

The thing that does not change is the golf sensation
(for all the clubs) when we're just about to hit the ball.
This would be the muscle sensation when the club shaft is
travelling from the right thigh to when the clubface hits
the ball. This distance is the hitting and acceleration zone.

Acceleration any where else would result in inconsistency.

So for me its:

1. Yes the Golf Swing and more importantly TEMPO
is the same for all clubs on flat ground.
The correct backswing tempo allows us to have
maximum acceleration at the hitting zone, as described

2. No, the Golf Swing is not the same and needs to change
depending on the lie, steeper swing for a pluck ball,
or to shape the shot with an out-to-in swing to cut a fade.
Note: The TEMPO is still the same in funny lies as well as on
flat ground.

So if you were to take intermediate lessons. Make sure to
ask the coach to teach you how to vary your swing, and position
of the ball, according to the slope and ball position, whether above
or below feet, in different lies, plucked or in bunker, opunch shot
through the trees. (That to me would be you spending your $$
wisely on an intermediate course)

Don't forget to get instructional videos and play with a friend
who is good. Tips shared by friends with a good knowledge of
the golf swing will save you 2 years.

At this point, i just want to say. "Thank you Daniel ..My friend"