Thursday, October 18, 2007

Golf Swing Instructions

I discovered a new way of breaking my wrist that nobody told me before...Not in any book that I've read or in any golfers magazine.

I had a golf swing thought telling me to "wrap my swing around my body". The club needed to swing around my body and the RIGHT wrist is supposed to bend backward. This means that if you hold your hand straight in front of you, the back of the right hand will bend toward your forearm. Most people think that the hand should have a cocking action. Say, if you held your hand in front with thumb facing the sky, the common thought is that the cocking action results in the thumb poking the sky..

This is wrong. And I was wrong for 3 years. By sheer stroke of chance, I came across Andy's site, and it just affirms that this golf swing thought I plucked out of nowhere was correct. Bending the right wrist backward as opposed to cocking the wrist with a thumb pointing to the sky results in power shots and drives reaching 240m.

That's why we love golf. A minute to learn a lifetime to master. Andy has some nice illustrations here. Read it!