Saturday, September 22, 2007

Golf - How To Putt Well

As they say, Drive for "show and putt for dough". Battles and bets are won the putting green and today, i'd be sharing some good tips and succinct tips on how to putt well. You'll find immense results.

When I 1st started playing golf, putting was a mystery, I was puzzled by why it was hard to judge the distance the ball rolled. Many putts later, it was evident that the ball sometimes hopped or it would skid on the ground before rolling toward the hole.

Therein lies the problem. If the ball should skid or hop, energy is loss through friction or the hopping motion. When that happens, it becomes difficult to be consistent and roll the ball the correct distance. We don't want any unusual movements in the ball that would cost the ball to fall short. And when we hit too hard to compensate for lost distance, the ball could roll past the hole and off the green.

I found that the setup is very important. Here's what we need to do.

Keep the biceps tucked into the chest, and armpits closed.
Bend the elbows so they form a triangle.
Angle the right wrist such that is firm and cocked.
Swing the putter face perpendicularly back with good tempo then back and sweep through the ball.
Be sure to keep the wrist angle firm, do not allow the right wrist to break down after hitting the ball.

This causes a brushing motion that will cause the ball to have just enough top spin without lifting the ball such that it hops and also prevent friction because of a skidding motion.