Saturday, June 30, 2007

Golf Secret never found in Golf Books

Here's a tip I've never read in Golf Books..

Have you heard the comment:
" Your Golf Swing speed is too fast"

I use to wonder what that means because
its lil vague and I haven't found a book that
explained the true meaning of this statement
or, more importantly how to achieve it.

After a golf video session, I believe, in order to
achieve this statement, it translates into our club
slowing down..

[When the club passes our thigh to hip level during the back swing]

I do this by trying to position or stop my club at thigh level,
when in fact because of the momentum of the rotation
in my shoulders, this gives me a three quarter swing
to full swing. ($100 tips)

The sensation of stopping my club at thigh level, gives
me a full swing. So the sensation of stopping my swing
when the club reaches chest level gives me an overswing
where the club collapses at the top, and I look very tight
and uncomfortable, causing me to jerk the club back
down on the downswing that follows.

Many people including myself try to have a "full
shoulder turn, left shoulder under chin" concept.
Then because the coiled back muscles are wound
so tight, we jerk the club back down trying to hit the ball,
leading to golf flight that could go anywhere.

Our sensation can deceive us, as I saw in the video of my own swing.
What felt like a three quarter swing turned out to be an overswing.

So, try doing a three quarter swing. You'll find that in order to achieve that,
we need to stop the club at the kneecap area, just like
a car trying to slow down, you need to give the swing
time to do the same. The car starts to stop way way before
it actually comes to rest.

For a full swing, it would be around the thigh/hip area.

So, stop your swing at the kneecap/thigh/hip area
and this will translate into a slow, smooth "spring like"
swing that looks easy on the eyes :D

Just in case, another illustration..

Have you tried chipping? The club is pulled back
to around the right kneecap, then we accelerate the
club back toward the ball to chip.

I think...

The Full Golf Swing is like a "Mega Chipping Stroke."
You only start to accelerate and "chip" the ball when
the club falls back down to the right knee, and this "
accelerated power chip" will cause the ball to fly a long long
way, with less OBs.

During the downswing, we only start to hit the ball
when the club reaches our thigh area.

Just like in a normal chipping stroke,
there is no FLIPPING of wrist used to hit the ball.

The wrist stay firm and turns over gradually.
(A normal chipping stroke will not turn over
by the way.)

The stopping of the club at the kneecap/thigh/hip during the
backswing is to allow us to have this MEGA CHIPPING sensation
when we hit the ball during the downswing.
So beginning with the end in mind, will help us
understand why we do what we do. :D ($100 tips)

I've felt more comfortable playing golf
after applying the above. Less tension and
muscle pulls and pains.

I'm only starting to apply this concept.
Its a new mindset, and will help you too.

Try it at the range.. and if it helps you
we can go celebrate :D

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