Thursday, June 14, 2007

Secret to 7 Irons not found in Golf books

Here's an iron secret not found in any golf book.. was taught
to me by a friend during a regular range practice.

I've found for myself that when
I try to stop my golf swing around the knees,
the momentum caused by the rotation of my
shoulders creates a 3/4 quarter swing.

Being able to execute 3/4 swings really helped my
iron play. It feels like a "Mega Chipping stroke."

I felt it was pretty strange at 1st because we are taught
to have a full shoulder turn, and left shoulder under chin,
while this time, the sensation was that my golf swing
was stopping at my knees.

or so i thought...

Video analysis showed that the irons was now in correct
slot position.

Hope this simple swing thought helps you connect better
with your irons and drivers

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